How embarrassing are we?!


After watching Dakota Johnson’s little tiff with her mother on the Oscar’s red carpet it seems like mum’s never stop being embarrassing whatever your age.

While we feel self-conscious about our little one’s temper tantrums we never stop to think about the red face moments that we bestow on them.

Think how they feel when we:

1. Sniff their bums to check if they have a dirty nappy in front of everyone! The humiliation!

2. Insist on meticulously brushing their hair but somehow forget to brush our own.

3. Call them to go home when they’ve just found a new best friend and then throw them over our shoulder if they don’t respond in 10 seconds.

4. Insist that they play with toy phones when they’re more than capable of using the real thing.

5. Pile on the layers until they look like sumo wrestlers as soon as there’s a chill in the air.

6. Excuse our mishaps by blaming them; from spilt drinks to bad parking.

7.Discuss their toilet habits in excessive detail – we would never discuss our own!

8. Are so desperately dehydrated we drink out of their beakers.

9. Strap them into their buggies when they’re well able to walk, just so we can drag them round the shops we want to go in.

10. Get them to give a good night kiss to everyone in the room when we have relatives over.

11. Let their hair grow far too long because we can’t bare to cut off their curls.

12. Enthusiastically join in the dancing at the mother and toddler group as we’ve no time to get to a fitness class.

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