Liebster Award


Thanks to Dirty Nappy for the nomination!

Here goes!

1) Who was the first person to read your blog?

Well the first ‘Favourite’ I got was from @alicanavan, this was in response to her reading my favourite quote which I’ve also included in my Twitter bio ‘If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?’ – Milton Berle. Love this!!

2) Describe your blog in three words?

Funny (I hope), lighthearted, easy reading (oops that’s 4)

3) When and where do you normally write your posts?

Nap time, on the couch, with a cup of tea.

4) Apple or android?

Apple (love the iPad even with it’s shattered screen)

5) Best or funniest parenting experience

Best – Christmas time! Even more fun when you have a child!

6) What/who inspires you?

All the other lovely mummy bloggers, especially those that meet for #mblogchat

7) How would you spend 1 million?

I’d go on holiday and have a think about it while lying on the beach sipping a cocktail!

8) Favourite blog this week:

Mummy Of Boy Girl Twins

I want to go to Blog Camp!

9) Did anything make you laugh today?

Last night my toddler was talking in his sleep and said ‘I want chocolate!’

10) What was the last book you read?

Gone Girl – much preferred the book to the film.

11) Random Fact about you!

My (now) husband and I met in Crete on holiday so it was a holiday romance! I moved over to live with him in Ireland a year later.





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