Anyone Else…? Pt 6


…worried about how to explain to their child that we eat the animals that we see at the farm? Will he enjoy eating his lamb once he knows it came from those woolly loveable little creatures?

…hate being first to the playground so they’re the one who has to wipe all the rainwater off the slide and swings to stop their child getting a wet bum.

…find that when they’re trying to show their child to eat correctly with their knife and fork they end up dropping food all over themselves…

…have no time to watch the soaps anymore, so they just read the synopsis of the episode on the planner and press delete. Keeps you in touch with what’s going on but takes 5 seconds instead of half an hour.

…really hoping that Kate and William pick a completely unusual name for their baby. What about ‘Kensington’, could work for a boy or girl?


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