Hello, I’m Dave

OMG my toddler had me in hysterics yesterday!

He is a big fan of the Minions and he has a ‘Dave’ toy that goes everywhere with him.

So, we had a plumber come round to service our boiler and his name just so happens to be …Dave. Of course we didn’t think anything of it at the time, he got to work and as with anyone else that comes to the house E was fascinated by him.

He decided to give us a running commentary on what Dave  was doing so we heard ‘he’s taken it off Mama’, ‘he’s banging it’ and ‘he’s cleaning it’. All pretty standard stuff. But then Dave’s phone rang.

Fortunately he took the call and didn’t hear what came next. E turned to me and said ‘the Minion’s phone rang!’ HUH?? I asked him again in case I’d misheard him and he’d actually said ‘the man’. Sure enough he repeated the exact same phrase! So in his little world all people called Dave are therefore Minions?

Dave then left to get a tool from his van and thank god he did because my husband and I were hysterical with laughter. It didn’t help that E then asked ‘where’s the Minion gone?’ in his innocent little voice. We could barely contain ourselves when Dave came back in.

As far as I know (and hope) Dave did not hear any of E’s little phrases and I’ m not sure what he’d have made of them if he did. Only trouble is we’re having someone else come to do more maintenance on the house tomorrow and guess what his name is?



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