Happy Birthday to me!

Well my birthday was Friday but I decided that rather than spending the day blogging I would actually relax and enjoy myself! Fortunately my husband had taken the day off otherwise it would have been a totally different story.

I wasn’t the only one celebrating a special day; my blog is also 3 months old yay!

Rather than give you a minute by minute breakdown that wouldn’t be fun for anyone apart from me I’ll summarise the best bits:

Date: Friday 8th May

Event: My birthday!

Weather: Torrential rain… which meant that shopping and yummy food were on the agenda!


1. A lie in with a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast (trying not to worry about the crumbs that I would be greeted with later)

2. Ripping open my presents with a lot of help from E (yes I did pick most of them myself but I still love having them wrapped!)

3. Hearing ‘Happy birthday to Mama’ every few minutes; in the restaurant whilst someone else was being sung to E decided to hijack it by singing to me at the top of his voice!

Favourite Gifts: A gorgeous fake leather jacket from H &M and a DKNY wallet

Food: Yummy lunch in an Italian restaurant, E loved it and I think he actually ate more than me! While we had two courses he had four! Dough balls, pizza, ice cream and his first babycino. Later we enjoyed a delicious slice of birthday chocolate cake each and E was grabbing the chocolates off the top before I’d even had a chance to blow out my candles!

Drinks: One glass of white wine with lunch and a couple more at our local that  evening; embarrassingly I now get tipsy on 2 drinks…

Music: My hubby bought me  Mumford & Sons new album so I had a quick listen to that in the car before E inevitably insisted we put on his nursery rhymes CD…

Funniest Moment: When I asked E if he was going to eat his peppers and he declared ‘They’re not Peppa’s they’re mine!’

Aren’t birthdays so different (but much more fun) with kids.

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