Story time was a bit of a ‘Blur’


When my husband returned from a shopping outing with my toddler yesterday afternoon he told me that E had a new favourite song. As well as nursery rhymes he also likes pop so I was expecting that maybe he’d chosen another song off the Taylor Swift album as normally it’s all about ‘Shake It Off’. Nope, his new favourite is ‘Song 2’ by Blur or as he calls it ‘Wahoo.’

For the half an hour before tea it was played on repeat and he was running around singing and dancing to it. In addition he demanded that every time they shouted ‘Wahoo’ we pick him up and throw him in the air. By tea time we were all exhausted.

He had his bath as normal but then it came to story time, we normally read him three books of his choice but tonight the only thing he was interested in was the ‘Wahoo’ book or more specifically the greatest hits album artwork.

We went through page by page and first he wanted to know the names of the band members so I told him ‘Damon is vocals, Graham is guitars, Alex is bass’ and then he stopped me. ‘Oh, I can’t see him very well… He has wet hair, he needs a hair cut.’


Lastly we came to ‘Dave who plays drums.’ E then replied ‘Oh I know him, he’s a Minion!’ For more explanation on this see my previous postย Hello, I’m Dave

It was then time to move onto the song titles and lyrics and he requested that I sing ‘Song 2’! I don’t know what I’d been singing before but I definitely didn’t realise it started ‘I got my head checked/By a jumbo jet’. ย Fortunately he didn’t want anymore of the verses after the first few lines and it was enough for me to just hum the tune and throw in a few Wahoos.

We flicked forward a few pages and while he loved the pictures of all the other album covers he was very put out that they weren’t in fact stickers. I could understand his confusion.


Forward another couple of pages to the band chilling out and he exclaimed ‘look Mama Alex got a haircut!’


Never a dull moment…


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