Anyone Else…? Pt 8


…find it hillarious how toddlers take things literally. Yesterday I asked E to ‘give me a hand’ with something and he placed his little hand in mine!

…hope all shops will adopt the no sweets at the checkout rule. I’m so sick of going to pay for something and then having my child be tempted by all the sugary snacks within his reach and at his eye level.

…heard of airports being the new catwalks but what about the playground? There’s so many other mums showing off their Summer style it’s taking me longer and longer to get ready in the morning.

…dive for the unhealthy option the minute their children aren’t around, ice cream, chocolate etc would set a bad example normally but the minute you get some ‘me time’ it’s no more rice cakes, give me real cake!

…struggling with applying their children’s sun cream every morning. What’s so wrong with someone rubbing cream on you!


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  1. Oh number 5! My daughter is insisting that she applies her own suncream every morning. I wouldn’t mind if it didn’t take her 15 minutes to complete the ritual! Think I’m just gonna buy spray and get it over and done with quicker!

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