Are you living life to the full??!!


Is anyone else finding living life to the full every single day a little bit tricky? Everywhere we look there are quotes telling us to ‘live every day like it were your last’ or ‘every morning is a fresh start’.

The trouble is it can get quite tiring and its not very practical.

It’s enough pressure if you’re only doing it for yourself, let alone if you have a child. Have you enriched their life today? Have you taught them something new? Have you created a memory that will never leave them? Did you cherish every moment?

I watched ‘About Time’ last night which is all about … (this is your plot spoiler warning) a guy that has the opportunity to live any part of his life over again and ‘perfect’ it. However by the end he has learnt the most important life lesson of all, you shouldn’t need to relive any of it, just make sure that you enjoy every single moment the first time round and then you’ll have no regrets.

So how do you go about loving every single moment? Well for one, you need to make sure that you smile a lot, at everyone, all the time. What if you forget and the smile slips off your face for a second. Then make damn sure that it doesn’t happen tomorrow.

All the social media sites are full of positive happy images however we’ve all learnt that what you see isn’t what you get right? Except we forget. We love to see beautiful pictures and beautiful people so we log on to get our hit. Just look at all these people living for the moment, better get off your phone right now and go and live yours.

So what are the tools you need for living this perfect life? Well definitely not money, because everyone knows that money doesn’t make you happy. In fact lots of people that win the lottery go on to lead very unhappy lives.

I know what makes people happy! Travelling! I definitely read that this generation are far less materialistic and value life experiences far more. Okay lets go travelling, an around the world trip sounds good. I want to see (and definitely want to show my child) the Northern Lights, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Hollywood sign, the Sydney Opera House….

That would definitely make us happy. Oh, but that’s going to cost a lot of money. Even if you live on a pittance whilst you’re there flights can be pretty expensive. It’s also going to be a little bit awkward to just up and leave for 6 months. Hmmm need to rethink this.

Let’s focus on the little things. Let’s go to the park and we’ll marvel at the beautiful flowers, we’ll feed the cute little ducks, we’ll have a delicious picnic, my toddler will feel the grass beneath his feet, he’ll feel the sun on his face and we can really appreciate life. Oh, is that rain? Oh well we can still sit on the bench and eat our lunch under an umbrella. Yuck what’s that, he’s stuck his hand in bird poop, right just clean that off and we can finish off. Oh, he remembered that I promised he can run around in bare feet. But it’s raining and muddy! Oh well, all those people in films love dancing and running around in the rain. In that film ‘About Time’ they had torrential rain on their wedding day and it looked like they were having a ball. Oh, he’s fallen over flat on his face in the mud and I’m getting very disapproving looks…

Every night when you go to bed you think over your day and think, I could have made that go so much better. Must learn from my mistakes. When I wake up tomorrow it’s a new chance to smile and laugh at everything.

You wake up and everything goes the same. Okay maybe this is called contentment. My toddler likes routine and I quite like it too. But when it comes to the weekend we really need to make an effort. It’s the only time we get to spend all together as a family so we need to have fun all the time! Oh but the chores need to be done while I’ve got help minding him. I need to check the ‘guide to living your life to the full’ again. When should I do the chores? Because if I’m living every day like it’s my last then I’d never do them? Why would you spend your last day cleaning the house? Except it’s not my last day (as far as I know) so better get on with them.

Oh no, I’ve just finished them and the sun’s stopped shining. I’ve wasted an opportunity to sit out in the garden and play football with my child and marvel at the beauty of everything.

Okay forget the rain, let’s bake! Just have to nip to the supermarket, get some extra ingredients, read up on that new recipe and get to work! Oh, I’ve spent the afternoon in the kitchen, my child only got to stir the mixture once (not sure how enriching that was) and the cake looks a bit flat. What have I done? Why did I spend the afternoon in the kitchen when I should have been teaching him to paint or reading him his favourite book?

This living life to the full malarky is making me so sleepy lately I really need to start getting to bed earlier so I am full of energy every morning and raring to go! Oh, but getting an early night doesn’t really sound like I’m making the most of every moment does it???



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