Anyone Else…? Pt 9


…found out the main difference between English and Irish mums? English mums push their child on the swing by standing behind them and pushing the back of the seat. Irish mums stand to the side and sway the chain forward and back.  Fascinating lol.

…having difficulty watching the tennis when there’s someone with an addiction to Peppa Pig in the house. Isn’t it mummy’s turn for once?

…find it funny how forthright mums are with each other. Sat next to another mummy in the coffee shop yesterday and the first thing she said to me was ‘Is he trained yet?’

…curse having to put the tumble dryer on in the Summer. Rain rain go away!

…think that porridge oats seem to be the only thing everyone’s eating at the moment. Have to try that recipe where they’re used to make bread!

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