Is Mummy Pig a Mummy Blogger?

Fans of Peppa Pig (though not necessarily through choice) will know that although Daddy Pig is an architect, Mummy Pig’s job has never been confirmed.

We know that she works from home and that she uses her P.C but that’s about it; could she therefore be a Mummy Blogger and if so what would she write about?

Here’s a potential post:

I’m feeling in a bit of a style rut. I know what suits me (orange is definitely my favourite colour) but I think maybe I need a change. I remember the birthday when Daddy Pig bought me a glittery pink dress and I felt beautiful but I don’t want to wait until my next birthday to get something new.

Mummy Sheep always looks lovely in her fuchsia dress. I think I’ll get something similar to hers. Us mums did all agree that we each stick to our own colour so we don’t risk turning up in the same outfit but I’m sure Mummy Sheep won’t mind as long as it’s a slightly different shade. If I find a nice one I might even buy a few the same; it’s amazing the amount of clothes you go through when you like jumping in muddy puddles as much as I do!

While I’m shopping I might even go the whole hog (excuse the pun) and get some new make uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup. Oops sorry about that George just did an extra loud dinosaur roar and gave me a fright! I normally wear purple eye make up but I thought Aunty Pig’s eyes looked lovely using turquoise and it’s a much more summery colour.

I’m getting a bit worried about wrinkles and was thinking about buying a hat to keep the sun off my face. The trouble is that the last time I tried one on I saw Granny Pig starting back at me! I didn’t realise how similar we were and got quite a shock! I think some high protection sun lotion and some nice sunglasses will do for now.

I think I might ask Daddy Pig to come shopping too. I’d like to try out the new shopping centre out of town so he can do the map reading. I wish he’d let me buy a sat nav, we’re always getting lost! I always stop mid morning for a cup of coffee and some chocolate cake so I know he’ll want to come. He’d be very grumpy if he missed out on cake! Granny and Grandpa pig are looking after Peppa and George.  We’re so lucky that they love to babysit even if they do get worn out.

Right better go, Peppa and George are desperate to have a game of ‘Happy Mrs Chicken’. I have to admit I love it too!

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