Vivioptal – Review

Like any other parent my child’s health is my top priority and I would do anything to keep him well. Walk over hot coals, climb Everest or take up skydiving – all of these would scare me to death but there’s nothing worse than seeing your child sick.

Though E doesn’t go to creche he still adores playing with other children in play centres and playgrounds however I’m always worrying that he’s going to catch something. As much as I’d love to wrap him up in cotton wool that’s definitely not an option. So what’s the solution?

Vivioptal Junior is a scientifically developed advanced food supplement and is suitable for all children from the age of 1. With 12 essential vitamins and 7 trace minerals it gives them a boost and offers parents peace of mind. It has an RRP of €9.95 and is available in leading pharmacies across Ireland.

Fortunately my toddler loves his fruit and vegetables but I’ve no doubt that he will go through a fussy stage. At least if he’s taking a supplement I know that the basics are covered and I can be more patient about waiting for him to grow out of it.

While I’m talking about being fussy, I can confirm that E had no problem with the orange taste which is essential when he needs to be taking it every day. As well as that, by explaining that I was giving it to him to keep him well he was excited to take it.

So, I for one am going to sleep more easily knowing that by giving him this supplement I’m giving him the best possible chance of staying healthy all year round.

P.S Vivioptal Junior syrup has no artificial colours, lactose, salt, alcohol, fat, yeast, egg or peanut oil – phew! It also has not been tested on animals and does not need to be refrigerated.

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