Garnier Intensive hand cream review

After reviewing my favourite nail varnish last week I thought it was handiest (sorry!) to move straight on to my must-have hand cream.

There are two reasons Garnier Intensive 7 Days is the perfect hand cream for mums (and my product of the week). Firstly, even if you only apply it once every 7 days it will still have a significant impact on dryness, secondly, your hands will stay hydrated even once you wash them.

When it comes to mothers and everyone else who leads a hectic lifestyle it can be hard to remember (or find time) to keep up with your beauty regime, it’s great when products can still do their job without needing to be applied constantly. I also find that after having my son I’m washing my hands more than ever! I didn’t used to bother applying any hand cream as there was no point if I’d be just washing it off a few minutes later but this one is resistant to one wash.

I love the gorgeous (but subtle scent) and it is fast absorbing which for me is essential. I can’t stand having a greasy residue left over.

For anyone else that loves to post photos of their latest nail colour on Instagram this is also a perfect quick fix. Dry, chapped hands do not make a pretty picture!

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