Our mini adventure

The subject of one of yesterday’s tantrums was ‘I WANT TO SEE THE SUN!’ I’m not sure quite what he wanted me to do about it but thankfully someone was listening as when we woke up today the sun had definitely got his hat on.Β We both agreed that a walk was in order so after grabbing our wellies and coats (it was sunny but far from warm) we jumped in the car and set off.

I don’t know about anyone else’s children but wherever we go my toddler has to bring something. Batman joins us for the food shop, Thomas has been to the beach and today Jake and the Neverland Pirates were all packed for our walk. Fortunately, sometimes I can convince him that although it was fun to have them in car he wouldn’t be so pleased if he dropped them while we were out and about. Thankfully today I was in luck and we left the pirates to do some treasure hunting on the back seat.

Our first mission was to climb to the top of the ‘mountain’ (a small hill) and while he was keen to hold hands on the way up, on the way down it was a different matter. Though he’s tripped from running too fast before he still enjoys tackling it himself. I’m not worried about him falling on the grass, my bigger concern is the sheep poop everywhere – yuck! He however isn’t bothered about it surprise, surprise.

His other two favourite things are picking up ‘broomsticks’ and flying around on them and of course…muddy puddles. As he had his wellies on I had to agree to some jumping and splashing although as he got more adventurous even his jeans were covered. He had a great time, the problem was convincing him to get out. With a promise of a little snack when we got home he eventually was happy to leave and as we headed back to the car he gave me a few snorts (as if I needed reminding who to blame for his favourite hobby…)


Of course by now he was getting bored and wanted to be carried but this was not a good option unless I wanted to resemble a mud wrestler. I instead suggested a race back to the car which he happily took me up on.

As we were getting in we were delighted to see six horses and jockeys walking towards us (one of the benefits of living in Kildare) and after screaming ‘hello’ at the top of his lungs he was happy that they each waved at him. After a successful outing it was time to take my tired little piggy home.


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