5 things that went through my head after I was shortlisted for a Blog Award


Here’s what went through my head when the email pinged into my inbox:

  1. Hold on, is this one of those clever spam emails and they’re going to ask me to supply my credit card details in order to go through?
  2. Great the shortlist is up! But my blog’s not on the list! Nooooooo. Oh look there it is.
  3. Let’s crack open a bottle of champagne to celebrate! On second thoughts better not it’s only Wednesday.
  4. I’m going to tell my toddler! He’ll be so happy for me! Him: ‘What’s the prize?’ Me: ‘Actually I’ve got no idea.’
  5. Ooooh there’s a burlesque theme for the night of the awards. Maybe I’ll get to wear my Halloween costume twice this year!


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