Anyone Else…? Pt 12

…find their toddler’s little grammatical mistakes so funny they don’t want to correct them. My favourite at the moment is when E finds his food too hot and asks me to ‘blow it down’. A cross between blow on it and cool it down!

…looking forward to dressing their child up in a cosy hat, chunky scarf and cute gloves. There’s nothing more adorable than their little face peering out from under all those layers.

…having a daily discussion about what to dress up as for Halloween! Every day E decides on a different character.

…wonder why companies still pay to advertise on TV? Does anyone actually watch the ads or do we all just skip or fast forward through them?

…think it’s time to book another portrait photography session! Love the shots from the last one but E’s not a baby anymore!

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  1. Yes to 1,2 &3!! I still use the word sauce-inn for sausage and dis-pah-eared for disappeared and my girl is almost 9!
    Love the Autumn woolies for everyone in the house and have announced no more costume talk and mind changing at least till October rolls in!!

  2. Glad you could relate! Was window shopping for cosy knits earlier – just have to wait for the temperature to drop a few more degrees! Good idea waiting until October – still it’s better to be discussing Halloween than Xmas!

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