Cicaplast Levres Review

Cicaplast Levres

If you haven’t tried the La Roche-Posay brand before then you’re missing out. They have excellent products for people with sensitive skin (like me) and they have lots of scientific research to back up all their claims. Don’t let the complicated names for their products put you off!

After reviewing a luxury lip care previously, this week’s product of the week is Cicaplast Levres which retails at a very purse friendly €6.50.

As soon as we get into Autumn I notice that my lips and hands suddenly get much dryer and while I can slip a pair of gloves onto my hands I’d prefer not to have to go round with a scarf round my mouth.

Cicaplast Levres  is a barrier repairing balm that protects and replenishes the lips. While lipids and Panthenol act as barrier, Shea Butter is responsible for making them feel kissable again.

This product can be applied directly (the applicator is similar to a Juicy tube) but I then like to rub it in with my finger to make sure it soaks in fully. The effect is instantly comforting and it’s also a great base for lipstick.

Although the temperatures are dropping, there’s still lots of sunny days to be had (I’m feeling optimistic) so at least when we’re at the playground or kicking a football around I can keep this in my pocket and keep my lips from drying out.

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