Time for your check up!

My toddler is a little bit obsessed with the animated TV series Doc McStuffins at the moment so when I found out I’d have to bring him along to my sight test I knew the best way to keep him entertained…

It’s not ideal bringing my little companion with me to appointments but I had my fingers crossed that he’d be intrigued enough to stay relatively quiet.

I explained to him before hand that I’d be going to see the eye doctor who would give me a check up just like the Doc does (with the exception that I’m not a soft toy).

We were singing the theme song all morning ‘I’m gonna check your ears, check your eyes, find out how much you’ve grown…’ and I have to admit it’s actually quite catchy. I just hope I wasn’t tempting fate and that it was only Doc who did weigh ins on her appointments…

When we arrived we were told to sit in the waiting area and it gave E a chance to look at all the posters on the wall. He was fascinated by all the models wearing the latest designer glasses and bombarded me with questions about them. ‘Is that you Mama?’ he asked pointing to a pretty, dark haired woman. I’ll definitely take that as a compliment! ‘What’s his name?’ ‘Where does he live?’ – about one of the men pictured. I sometimes forget that he has no idea what adverts are and he’s just wondering who all these people are and why their pictures are on the wall!

After a few minutes a female optician (great she can play the part of Doc) asked us to come through. We went through the usual questions and she then asked me to rest my chin on the instrument so she could look into my eyes. At this point E started asking questions again but as my skills as a Ventriloquist are pretty limited most of them had to go unanswered. However it was hard not to laugh when I was asked to look up at the ceiling and I could see E had also tilted his head back.

When the examination was over E was confused ‘Why didn’t the ‘check up’ song come on?’ ‘Erm, I don’t think it was working.’ Oh dear he’s taken my analogy a bit too literally. ‘Did it run out of batteries?’ he asked innocently. ‘Yes that’s it, maybe you can sing it instead!’ And that was all the encouragement he needed to serenade everyone in the shop!

At the end of every episode Doc McStuffin declares ‘I have a diagnosis!’ And I can conclude that E has a severe case of ‘Chatterbox-itis’ (However I wouldn’t want to cure it πŸ˜‰)

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