Aveeno Dermexa Review

Aveeno Dermexa

All of the products I’ve featured previously have been for mums however here’s a ‘product of the week’ for the little ones.

My toddler suffers with mild eczema however if we don’t use the correct products his symptoms get significantly worse.

To start with we just thought he had sensitive skin (like me) and we’d just stick to unperfumed products when bathing and moisturising. We have always used a cotton pad soaked in water for cleaning his face as anything else would make his cheeks very sore.

However, when his outbreaks became more regular and persistent we decided to find a product specifically for children with eczema. We tried several brands however even if they worked well initially, after a while they became less effective. His cheeks were constantly red and although the creams would make them soft the redness never went away. He also developed dermatitis on the back of his legs (behind his knees) which he’d never suffered with before.

After many hours of ‘googling’ I decided to try ‘Dermexa’ as many mums recommended it online. I also liked the fact that they use naturally active ingredients; specifically oats. We love them at breakfast time so why not try them in our skincare!

We bought the emollient cream (pictured) and the emollient wash in the hope that this would give us our best chance of conquering it . After 48 hours of applying the cream frequently all of the redness went down; we were so relieved – high fives all round!

Now we have his condition under control we apply the cream in the affected areas three times a day and touch wood there haven’t been any flare ups since we switched to this product.

Seeing how well the brand’s worked for E I’m going to try the Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion myself (if the adverts are to be believed then it’ll leave me looking like Jennifer Aniston so it’s worth a shot!)


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  1. My 3 year old suffers with eczema since the age of 3 months. His sister is the as me but she is not as bad. We have been using aveeno cream too but the one with the green lid. I bought dermexa by accident a few weeks ago and wanted to bring it back but then thought I might give it a go. And omg it’s so much better has way better effect. Can’t recommend enough.

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