My interview with Kfm radio

So Wednesday evening was a bit different to usual, rather than the usual dinner, bath, bed routine with my 2 year old I instead headed off to the Kfm studios leaving E in the capable hands of my husband.

Brenda Drumm (who presents Artyfacts) originally tweeted that she was looking for 4 bloggers from Kildare to come in for a pre record. Fortunately I was one of the first to respond and Brenda confirmed that I was one of the 4 chosen.

I arrived a few minutes early (so much easier to be on time without a toddler in tow) and had a flick through a few notes I’d made on my phone. Noticing that another blogger had arrived the two of us headed in to meet Brenda.

Everyone introduced themselves and we were all chatting away and then Brenda said we should head into the studio – that’s when the nerves kicked in.

We sat in a semi circle and all took it in turns to lean into our microphone and describe what we had for breakfast so that the levels could be checked. Porridge with blueberries and strawberries for me – sounds straight forward enough so why am I so nervous? It’s not as if I’m Goldilocks and I’m worried about being surprised by the three bears!

Although it was a pre-record there would be no stopping and starting, and unless we said something completely ridiculous there would be no editing. We would all get to answer various questions about why we blog and as we all write about completely different topics it would be an interesting discussion.

Okay all set, let’s do this! Hold on what’s my name again???

The time actually flew by and before we knew it Brenda was giving us our five second warning. With the recording finished we could all breathe again and it was big relief all round.

That wasn’t so bad after all! In fact I actually enjoyed it!


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