Tangle Teezer Review

I love the witty slogan on the Tangle Teezer website that reads ‘Last night a hairbrush saved my life’. While this obviously isn’t meant to be taken literally I would agree that this hairbrush has dramatically changed my blow dries and that’s why it’s my product of the week!

I’ve always hated the hassle of washing my hair but the part I disliked the most was trying to get a brush through it whilst it was wet. Regardless of how expensive a shampoo I used I would still be shrieking ‘ouch’ every couple of seconds! Even in a professional salon I’d be in major discomfort during the brushing. As my hair is also very thick, it is a long and arduous process even before the drying begins.

I was in Urban Outfitters a few months ago and it was the pretty pink and purple packaging that first caught my eye. I then recognised the name as I remembered it being featured on Dragon’s Den. (Those Dragons must be seriously kicking themselves now after turning it down). I decided to give it a go myself and hoped that this could be the brush I’ve been waiting for.

After giving it a go I was amazed at how easy  and quick it was to sweep through my hair with no pulling. My only regret was that I hadn’t tried it sooner.  The clever shape means it fits comfortably in your hand and it’s also quite small so is great for travelling. Funnily enough the next time I went to my salon they also used this brush on my hair – hurray!

There are now numerous different colours and styles and Lulu Guinness has even designed a trendy black and red one. The original brush retails at £10.60 online or you can pick it up in Boots in Ireland for €15.99.

My toddler is also a huge fan (though I’m sure he’d love it even more if they made one with a Spiderman design) and he actually loves brushing his own hair and won’t let me do it for him anymore. He can hold it easily too. So we’ve now solved the brushing dilemma I just wish he would enjoy having his hair washed now!



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