Do you like to workout? Or shirkout?

Why do you go to the gym? To get fit, to burn off some calories or… for a bit of escapism.

Although us mums adore spending time with our kids, we also need a bit of time to ourselves every once in a while. It also helps if you can leave the house – even if you’re lucky enough to get a fifteen minute break when you have an extra pair of hands to help out, if you simply go upstairs to watch some TV or paint your nails no doubt you’ll still be making mental to do lists and if you can hear the commotion downstairs it isn’t easy to switch off.

I’m now in the routine of heading out for 30mins 3 times a week or so to go and chill out… at the gym. The first time I went was for fitness reasons but then I spotted ‘the girl with the book’. She was pedalling away whilst also being absorbed in her novel and I was so impressed by her thinking that I haven’t been back empty handed since.

‘The girl with the book’ is now me and my paperback is as essential as remembering my keys and my bottle of water. I have to point out that I’ve only attempted reading whilst on the bike. The only other machine I go near is the treadmill (remember I’m a novice) and I worry enough about going flying off the end without trying to turn the pages at the same time.

I do sometimes find that people give me funny looks, especially the ones being louder than Serena Williams at Wimbledon. However I couldn’t care less what they think about my scraped back hair or unmade up face so why should I worry about their views on my relaxed attitude?

I also like the fact that I’m multi-tasking – cycling, reading and relaxing at the same time. Don’t laugh at me saying ‘relaxing’ is a task; I think for most mums relaxing should be on our daily to do list other we’d never get round to it! IΒ actually think that you notice the pain less too (or maybe it’s just that I’m going too slow for it to even hurt).

If you fancy giving it a go I would recommend lounge wear over Lycra, after all, there’s not much chance of you working up a sweat and you want to be comfortable πŸ˜‰

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