Anyone Else…? Pt 15

…going to make the jelly worms using drinking straws for Halloween. They look so revolting… Who will be brave enough to try one?

…find that every day their child decides that they absolutely have to find a certain toy and demands that you locate it in five minutes flat. The trouble is that when the toy in question is only an inch high; you’re talking needle in a haystack…

…noticed that Odeon cinemas now sell wine. Movie night just got more interesting!

…love their child’s innocent take on Disney films. E has decided that Kaa the snake in the Jungle Book is simply keeping Mowgli warm when he squeezes him!

…think that Autumn strolls on the beach whilst clutching a warm takeaway coffee are the best way to spend a Sunday. The only problem is convincing E that swimming is really not an option.

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