10 thoughts that go through my head whilst doing arts & crafts with my toddler

Doing arts and crafts with my toddler always seems like a great idea – however things don’t always go to plan…

Here are ten thoughts that go through my head when we decide to get creative:

This looks so fun and simple to make!

Oh, looks like we only have half the things on the list. Better go shopping.

‘I don’t want pieces of card I want a toy!’ Great to see how enthusiastic he is about our little activity…

Right I obviously need to do the cutting out – which part can he do himself?

Gluing! How difficult can sticking bits together be?

Ok, so far we’ve accidentally stuck his sleeve on to the card but everything else keeps falling off.

This looks nothing like it does in the picture…

Oh well, at least we’re enjoying ourselves!

Hold on where’s he gone? How long have I been sat here cutting, sticking and drawing on my own?

I’m definitely going to say he made it all by himself – in reality he had very little involvement but the finished product is not something a grown woman should be proud of…


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