Dublin Zoo Review

With The Lion King and The Jungle Book being two of E’s favourite films at the moment we decided that it was time to take another trip to Dublin Zoo to see his favourite animals in action.

Fortunately the Asian lion’s enclosure is located close to the entrance so this was our first stop. The male was striding proudly around near to the fence so we got very close, I’m just relieved he didn’t choose this moment to roar! I would have probably screamed far louder than any of the children if he had. E loved the fact that we also spotted ‘Simba’ playing and getting into mischief.

‘Shere Khan’ proceeded to impress us with his stunning, stripy coat and we spotted some funny monkeys swinging around on their island. By now my little monkey was starting to get hungry so we headed to the Meerkat Restaurant.

We decided to each get a sandwich made up and were impressed that for around €5 we were filled to the brim. The staff are all lovely which makes a huge difference. Bottles of tap water are freely available and I also grabbed a takeaway coffee to try and help me match my toddler’s energy levels. E was entranced by the meerkats playing behind the glass window and it’s a great way to keep the children entertained while you’re eating.


I was keen to see the Californian sea lions as their new area only opened a few months ago and it’s designed brilliantly. The sea lions seem to love trying to entertain the crowds by splashing, jumping and swimming in pairs and you can then go down into the cove and watch them darting around underwater. Every time they approached the glass all the children squealed excitedly.

The animals in the African Savanna include giraffes, rhinos and zebras and it’s lovely to see them in such a huge open area that bares a resemblance to their natural habitat.


E had been asking about the penguins from the minute we arrived however like most of the children it was the wooden carvings that he was fixated with. They provide great photo opportunities and the only thing that convinced him to move on was the promise that we were off to see the elephants.


We found the ‘Colonel’ and ‘Winifred’ having something to eat in the elephant house and after admiring their huge stature it was time for us to leave after having a lovely day out. All together now – ‘Hup 2, 3, 4/ Keep it up 2, 3, 4.’

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