Halloween at The Irish National Stud

Tis the season to be scared!

Scarefest sounded right up our street so with E dressed as Jake the Neverland Pirate we crept nervously into The Irish National Stud!

We were greeted in the Sun Chariot yard by a scary looking skeleton who directed us to join a queue for E to get his face painted. He’s never had it done before but he was delighted to get an eye patch and scar to go with his pirate outfit. Ahoy!

Next it was time to be chilled by a spooky story so we shuffled down a dark corridor and took our seats. I was worried that E would be scared by the dramatic reading but there was no need for me to be concerned. As the actor asked if all the little children were ready E exclaimed ‘I’m not little, I’m a big boy!’ He laughed along with the other kids at all the relevant parts and while I jumped and clung on to him every time the storyteller banged down his book, he simply shrugged me off.

We were dazzled by the daylight as we made our way outside and we went to say hello to Prince – the master of darkness! He was a stunning pony but E was happy to watch rather than join the queue to have a ride.

We spotted the playground on our way in so that was our next stop and E even got to give the horse riding a go by sitting astride a wooden one. No trip to the stud is complete without seeing the ‘Living Legends’ relaxing at grass and we were lucky to see them in an excited mood chasing each other around.


After a lovely day my little pirate was now wrecked so it was time to set sail!

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