Santa at Rathwood review

We set off to see Santa at Rathwood, Co Carlow last Sunday morning and thankfully it only took 45 mins otherwise I think E would have burst with excitement. Remind me never to attempt a trek to Lapland.

After carefully ย following the big man’s big footprints we arrived at ‘check in’ and E received a sticker while mama and dada got their own ‘I’m on Santa’s good list’ badges.

There was plenty to keep the little ones amused in the waiting area and after having his nose and cheeks painted red he was instructed to choose his favourite reindeer. Rudolph was quickly selected and E also gave the gingerbread men a hug (though I’d have liked to give them a nibble).


Grandma reindeer then made an appearance and provided the finishing touch to their outfits by giving each of the children their own pair of antlers. The children didn’t need much encouragement to scream ‘Wake Up!’ to Mrs Claus and they were ushered into her front room.


After a bit of a struggle Jackie Frost made it down the chimney to help Mrs Claus put on a little show to make all the kids giggle. E’s favourite part was when they used the ‘ice pad’ to Skype Santa! Each of the children were awarded a ‘Christmas hero’ medal and then it was off to get our seats on the Rathwood Express!


We chugged around the grounds and at the end of the journey were met by some very excitable elves. Then, after a short stroll through the forest we arrived at Santa’s grotto!

The excitement on E’s face must have been apparent as we were ushered straight in to see Mr Claus! Fortunately there were no nerves and E ran straight over and began explaining what a good boy he’d been and all the items that were on his Christmas list. One of the elves kindly offered to take a family photo and we got a great shot. E was delighted with his gift and after promising that we would leave out a big plate of cookies on Christmas Eve we ย said our goodbyes.


The elves were doing a great job of keeping everyone entertained while they waited but E was desperate to rip open his present and get building with his new blocks.

Before long we made the short walk back to the Rathwood express for our return journey. However there was a brief interruption when one of the elves had to stop off to feed the beautiful reindeer!

Full of Christmas cheer but starving hungry we headed straight to the restaurant for Sunday lunch! ย We all agreed that it was a great way to kick off the festive season.



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