Letter to Santa & details for the An Post reply!

Knowing that Santa will be very busy in the run up to Christmas I thought it was a good idea to get E’s letter written early! We actually made it the day before our trip to meet him at Rathwood but with all the excitement we forgot to post it.

Getting Creative

I bought one of the ‘Activity Bags’ from Craft Planet to make our Christmas cards last year and after digging it out from the back of the cupboard I was delighted that we still had plenty of bits and bobs left. E was excited to get creative so we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We used the Christmas tree shaped hole punch along the bottom, glued on some carefully selected festive shapes and finished it off by sticking down the obligatory ‘Merry Christmas’. Quick, easy and effective yay!

An Post

E decided long ago that Woody from Toy Story was top of his list so he carefully scribbled his request. It was then down to me to make sure I followed the instructions on the An Post website to ensure he got a reply! We addressed it to ‘Santa Claus, North Pole’, made sure to include his full name and the return address and the final requirement was a 70 cent stamp.


I announced that we’d be making the trip to the post office yesterday morning however I hadn’t realised there would be a potential problem with my plan. What I said was ‘we’re going to post your card to Santa’, however E decided this meant that we’d be delivering it by hand; therefore meeting him again…

It took the whole journey into town to explain that unfortunately we wouldn’t be seeing Santa in person and that yes he would still have to wait a while longer to get his presents, but by the time we parked the car I hoped he understood. We strolled down the high street with E skipping with excitement and went to purchase the stamp which he enjoyed sticking onto the envelope himself. It was now time to slip it into the post box but as I held him up he looked at me in alarm ‘Why are we putting it in the bin???’ ‘No, that’s where we post it for the postman to collect!’ I can understand his concern, it did look quite different to the bright red ones on Postman Pat!


After waving goodbye as it disappeared into the dark hole it felt like a bit of an anti climax. We therefore decided it was time for a treat so we stopped off for a babyccino topped with chocolate and marshmallows on the way home. I haven’t told him to expect a reply but hopefully the elves are working on it as we speak!

Has anyone else made their letters yet?



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