Anyone Else…? Pt 20 Black Friday special!

…looking forward to a healthy 2016 after buying a Nutribullet in the sale (reduced to €90 in Debenhams). Only trouble is I got a cake mixer too πŸ˜‰

…think that all the mums who were up half the night must have got the best deals. There’s got to be some benefit to being wide awake when the sales kicked off at silly hour.

…can’t remember the last time they bought something without ‘googling’ it first to check they can’t get it cheaper elsewhere.

…realised they should have checked in the attic to see what Christmas decorations they already had before buying more. Santa’s going to think he’s back in his grotto when he comes down our chimney…

…think that the best way to reward yourself for getting the Xmas shopping done early is to treat yourself to a tasty mince pie (or 4)

Did anyone else get some good bargains?

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