The pros and cons of being a stay at home mum

I can’t believe that I’ve now been a stay at home mum for a year! It’s been a year of play dough, duplo and painting with a few tantrums thrown in (after all this was the year of the terrible twos). I’ve also loved documenting everything  in the blog so there’s lots of funny stories to look back on.

I’ve therefore decided it’s a good time to do a (tongue in cheek) list of the pros and cons of being a stay at home mum. Let me know if you agree with these and if there’s any you would add!

Pro: we get to spend ALL DAY together.

Con: we spend ALL DAY together; the weekend therefore becomes our chance to both have a little break. Thank goodness for Daddy.

Pro: as I’m home I can get the chores done during the day.

Con: E loves to help with the sweeping, the dusting, the washing… and therefore we sometimes create more mess than we started with!

Pro: when the weather’s miserable, it’s nice that we don’t have to step outside   (I can really appreciate this considering I used to do a 3 hour daily commute into Dublin).

Con: on the odd occasion that we don’t leave the house we both get narky and irritable and the day drags on FOREVER.

Pro: I love playing imaginary games with E and pretending we’re all sorts of different characters from the pups in Paw Patrol to the trains in Thomas.

Con: I have to remember how to have an adult conversation. Grown ups don’t tend to bark when they’re excited…

Pro: I have someone to accompany me everywhere I go so I’m never lonely.

Con: that includes the supermarket, the hairdresser, the dentist and the toilet…

Pro: every day is ‘casual Friday’ so I can simply put on whatever’s comfy.

Con: I sometimes miss wearing heels and looking smart but it’s simply not practical when you’re going down slides and swinging on monkey bars.

Pro: I have time to prepare fresh, healthy food and there’s no excuse for convenience.

Con: I spend so much time researching recipes, buying ingredients, cooking and washing up I feel like a 50’s housewife.

Pro: I get cuddles all day!

Con: No cons here, we’re all about the hugs and kisses in this house!


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  1. This is fabulous post! I love being a stay at home Mum and as you said we get to have lots and lots of cuddles! It certainly beats long hours in the office!

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