Octaland 4d+ Augmented Reality Flashcards Review

I chose the wrong career! We’ve been playing with these 4D+ (occupation series) flashcards and it turns out that I was meant to be a jockey all along πŸ˜‰

Up until now we’d only let E use the iPad occasionally for entertainment or for when we were travelling so when I heard that these cards have great educational value I was keen to give them a go.


I’m no technical whizz but it was very easy to download the ‘Octaland 4D+ app (via the App Store or Google Play), input the serial number provided and lastly point the camera of your device at each card and voila!


The moment the first character popped off the screen E began laughing with both amazement and delight. He loved saying hello to all the different characters and asking what each of them did and his favourite was Matt the Magician who is aptly named after his Daddy!

Although it was too tricky for him to hover the iPad over the cards himself there’s also a 2D area on the app so he was happy to scroll through these while I was making the dinner. Unfortunately he told me that he preferred the look of what Charlotte the Chef was making!

Before he went to bed a 4D Bertie the Builder inspired him to start ‘building’ a house in the middle of the kitchen and as he’s a big Fireman Sam fan he loved making Frank the Firefighter spray his hose at us.


At the moment he’s just enjoying playing and exploring all the characters but it won’t be long before we can use them to enhance his knowledge of the alphabet.

Animal 4D+

He also had great fun using the ‘Animal 4D+’ cards and making them all come to life! I couldn’t believe how detailed and lifelike they looked.


You can purchase the cards for €10 / Β£8 Β plus standard postage over on the Octagon website.




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