My little boy’s 3rd birthday party!

Christmas preparations were put firmly on hold last weekend as it was my little boy’s 3rd birthday!


He decided that he wanted a Spiderman theme so I had to swing into action and make the cake! Fortunately for me my little sidekick gave me a hand and he loved helping me measure out all of the ingredients. MyΒ original ideas were quite ambitious but in the end I decided to go for a simple Victoria sandwhich which I smothered in melted Dairy Milk chocolate. I added red and blue Smarties and some Haribo spiders which we had left over from Halloween. A big red number 3 and one of his Spiderman figures stood behind it were the finishing touches. Thankfully it tasted delicious and he was delighted with it.


I wanted to wrap all the presents in red and blue like his colour scheme but I’d forgotten that it would be tricky to find a good selection of birthday wrapping paper with it being Christmas. Fortunately I found a spotty red and blue roll and also holographic red one in Tiger.


I recently heard about LED balloons which have a little light inside them making them glow and I grabbed a pack of 5 in Tesco for €5. I also got a big Spiderman themed ‘Happy Birthday’ banner and some party hats there. My mum had already bought some Spiderman cups, plates, napkins and a tablecloth.


Birthday lunch

There were to be 8 of us sat around for E’s birthday lunch so I decided the easiest way to feed us all was to cook four pizzas and then we also had lots of little snacks to fill up our plates including bread sticks, cheesy twists, carrot sticks and crisps. For dessert we could eat the cake!


We’d need to burn off some calories after lunch so to get us moving I prepared a game of Musical Islands (using photocopied pictures of Spiderman). We also played a version of ‘Stick the tail on the donkey’ except it was ‘Stick the shield in Captain America’s hand.’ Not strictly on theme but still a superhero πŸ˜‰


To top it off his birthday was also the day that E got his reply from Santa (via An Post)! Such a lovely coincidence!


Before he went to bed I asked him what his favourite part of the day was and he replied ‘the cake!’ Pretty chuffed considering I was up against some stiff competition with his new Buzz Lightyear and Thor toys!


P.S My ‘Product of the Week’ and ‘Anyone Else’s?’ sections will be back in Jan πŸ˜€


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