My ingredients for a New Years Eve night in!

Hands up who’s staying in tonight? Rather than getting jealous of everyone’s exciting pics online make the most of the fact that you’re warm and cosy with no long waits at the bar or horrendous taxi queues. Here’s what I think you need for a lovely evening:

  1. Prosecco – does anyone even drink Champagne anymore? Get out your poshest glasses and pop a strawberry in.
  2. Take away – who wants to cook on New Years Eve – you’ll be doing enough of that tomorrow.
  3. Snacks – no matter how full you are after your Chinese there’ll still be room for more once you’re in the early hours. This is your last chance to hoover up all those Christmas treats.
  4. Movie – stick a blockbuster on early and then enjoy a bit of Jools Holland as we approach midnight. Just don’t even think about watching ‘New Years Eve’ – the 7% it got on Rotten Tomatoes was generous.
  5. PJs – the last opportunity you’ll get to wear your reindeer PJs without feeling totally ridiculous. Best thing is you can jump straight into bed once you get sleepy.

Any you’d add?

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