7 things all parents do in January

January is a tough time of year; it’s freezing, you’re back to strict routines and you’re feeling bloated after Christmas. That’s before you take into account the fact that the kids are already asking when Santa will be back. Here are 7 things that every parent does in the first month of the new year.

1.Book a holiday

It doesn’t have to be somewhere sunny (though that helps) but after spending all Christmas cooped up in the house you need to have a change of scenery to look forward to.

2.Go to the gym

You might only make it once or twice but that’s okay (just don’t work out the cost per visit). If you can get outside for a few long walks that’s even better. That way you wear out yourself and the kids.

3.Decide to decorate

Chances are you might not actually do any decorating but making the decision about what you’d like to do is far more fun than getting down to it. Home and interiors magazines will become your nightly reading material.


Has everyone heard about the Konmari method? Marie Kondo is the lady behind the book that tells you to get rid of everything in your house that doesn’t ‘spark joy’. Although I’m a fan of getting organised I think the lady that got rid of her toaster and kettle was taking things a bit far…

5.Decide to save money

Whether it’s putting a bit away each month or switching energy supplier we’re all about making our money work hard. And because you’re doing so well you can afford to treat yourself right? (Scratch that – you know when you go shopping it’ll be your kids that benefit).

6.Vow to spend more quality time as a family

You’ll decide that every weekend this year will be spent doing fun activities and going on exciting days out. That is until you realise that the children much prefer playing in the sandpit or having long games of hide and seek than being dragged half way across the country.

7.Start talking about Easter

The only way you can distract your children from the fact that Santa won’t be back for another 11 months or so is to start getting them excited about Easter Bunny. Just don’t fall into the trap of telling them that the rabbit brings presents too…

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  1. Glad you could relate! Just in the middle of putting down a floor – can’t wait for it to be finished! It’s lovely to have a holiday sorted early isn’t it 🙂

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