Maybelline Dr Rescue All in One Review

Maybelline Dr Rescue All in One

My new ‘Product of the Week’ is Maybelline’s Dr Rescue All In One nail care!

I’d started to lose confidence in doing my nails myself but then I realised that the base coat I’d been using was a few years old and had more of a consistency of glue than nail varnish…

Although I already own a great top coat inEssie’s Gel Setter I still love the idea of a multitasker (it acts as base, top coat and strengthener) especially if you’re going away and it means bringing one product rather than two. Of course it’s also kinder on your wallet.

The texture of the varnish is light and it’s brill that it’s quick drying too (by the time I’d painted all my nails my first finger was dry). It also leaves a nice sheen rather than completely soaking in as I’ve found with some other brands. This means that if you were in a rush (mums take note) or just wanted a healthy neutral look you could even not bother applying a colour.


The brush is nice and thin so you simply paint on as many strokes as required (bearing in mind if you use a lot it will remain sticky for longer). My nail colour was so quick and easy to apply afterwards and it also went on super smoothly. What we’re all looking for now is longevity and my nails definitely stayed chip free for an extra few days compared to when I was using my old bottle.

This is a great budget friendly option and considering it’s January that’s what most of us need at the moment!

Don’t forget to use a hand cream as well – I love Garnier Hand Intensive 7 Days.


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  1. ooooohhhh I’m all about the nails. I LOVE LOVE LOVE RImmels Nail Nurse, an Essence XXX something or other and currently I am using Miracle Cure by Sally Hanson. The most expensive one at almost 8 euro (Rimmel is about 6) but so far it’s solving (slightly) my peeling nails dilemma.

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