Movial plus Review

Movial Plus

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get fit again you might be interested in these fab Movial plus supplements.

Trouble is, in our heads we’re raring to go but our bodies take a little longer to get on board. Well these capsules will make everything a little easier. They’re completely natural and use ingredients including Vitamin C to support normal collagen formation. After using it for a month there is a significant reduction in joint pain so we’ll have no excuse for giving up the gym by February.

Alternatively if you’re a parent of a baby then you probably know all about joint pain. When my son was small my husband and I used to have all sorts of joint problems after getting into the habit of rocking him to sleep so these would have been extremely useful.

If you’re an athlete (whether professional or amateur) this supplement can help when recovering from an injury. Anthony Rainbow, former Kildare All Ireland GAA Football Player says ‘Injuries are unavoidable when playing Gaelic football and my joints have taken considerable punishment over the years. Movial plus has helped with my mobility, flexibility and pain management.’

The Athletico di Madrid team have also taken part in a study to prove the supplement’s effectiveness; unfortunately I don’t have any photographic evidence for you ; )

Movial plus is available in chemists nationwide and has an RRP of €19.95.

*PR sample

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