Maybelline Push Up mascara review

Maybelline Push Up mascara

Maybelline Push Up mascara is my new product of the week!

Maybelline are well known for having amazing mascaras (‘Great Lash’ was the first I ever bought) and this is their latest offering.

Maybelline Push Up mascara promises volume, lift and the perfect curve. So does it deliver?



The bristles on the wand are describes as cup-shaped and you can really feel that your lashes grip onto them making it easy to curl and fan them out. For this reason you wouldn’t do the ‘zig zag’ motion; you’re instead pushing them up into the desired shape.

On the first swipe you don’t notice a major change but the second makes a big impact. The shape of the bristles also means that they hold onto the maximum amount of formula so your lashes are left thick with product. You therefore definitely don’t need a third coat which is a great time saver.

I hate having to choose between volume or length so I love the fact that this provides both and importantly no clumps. It’s also easy to remove which is what we all want when we’re desperate to get to bed.

I find that some mascaras dry up virtually straight away however with Maybelline Push Up mascara the product remains extremely glossy and moist. In fact some people may find this a drawback (especially if you’re in a rush) as you do have to be careful not to blink too much before your lashes dry or you’ll end up with black streaks on your eyelids!

Gigi is a great choice to be the face of this mascara as she seems to be everywhere right now and her eyes are probably her best feature. I’m sure she’s going to help Maybelline make this a new must have product.

It retails at €12.30 and is available now!

*PR Sample

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