5 things mums could give up for Lent

Here’s a (tongue in cheek) guide to what all mums could give up for lent:


We all know that most days we get dangerously close to a caffeine overdose and so sometimes we throw in a decaf tea for good measure. Trouble is, when that provides no help whatsoever to your sleep deprived state you’ll be tempted to reach for the wine (at 3pm). So forget the fake stuff and just keep knocking back the cappuccinos.

Lie Ins

Now I know you only get an opportunity once in a blue moon but chances are you might have the option at least once before Easter. If so don’t take it. You’ll feel guilty, get behind on the chores and the chaos that ensues downstairs whilst you’re snoozing will take all day to fix.


I gave up this chore long ago but as far as I know it’s still common practice. For the next 39 days or so give it a miss and do your best to pick clothes with a bit of stretch. No one will be any the wiser and you’ll have an extra 20 minutes a day to play with. Worst case if you’re covered in creases – pretend that you’ve all been on a really long crease-inducing car journey.

Tidying Up

This has to be in the running for most pointless thing we do all day. At around 7pm we pack up all the duplo, put all the jigsaws back in their correct boxes and make sure all the figures are with their correct friends. It then takes approximately 5 minutes for all your good work to be undone the next morning. It’s annoying looking at all the mess when you eventually sit down at night but there’s a solution for that – turn off the light. If you’re lucky enough to have a playroom it’s even easier – just close the door! There’s only so bad the mess can get if you don’t touch it for a month or so right?

Having baths

Have you ever succeeded in having a relaxing soak since you had kids? You might have great intentions – a good book, candles and luxury bubble bath but the reality rarely matches up with what you pictured in your head. Let’s just say that most of us can relate to poor Mrs Large in the brilliant ‘Five Minutes Peace’. Don’t waste your time and try sticking to showers for a while; only drawback is you can’t bring your cup of tea (or wine) in with you.

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