Anyone Else…? Valentine’s Special

…planning to make presents for Valentine’s Day? Just make sure neither you or you partner forgets or you’ll end up doing a Monica and Chandler by grabbing the first thing that comes to hand. If I remember correctly they thoughtfully exchanged a sock bunny and a mix tape (featuring Janice)!

…resorting to a Netflix marathon rather than a five course meal? We’ve only just signed up (how behind am I) but I’ve already added plenty of romantic films to my list to keep us occupied for the evening.

…hoping to have the house sparkly clean before Sunday. I’m planning to be less Cinderella and more Sleeping Beauty on the 14th…

…think there’s going to be lots of sore heads on Monday if the champagne’s flowing on Sunday night – better to start early and finish early I think. Champagne with breakfast – sounds good!

…relieved that beautiful red roses can now be found in the supermarkets and not just super expensive flower shops. Yes I love them but no I don’t want to sacrifice a holiday to be able to have them.


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