Garnier Ultimate Blends Body Oil Review

Garnier Ultimate Blends Body Oil

Garnier Ultimate Blends Body Oil is my new product of the week! I previously reviewed Garnier Ultimate Blends Body Lotion which was gorgeous so this has a lot to live up to!

With bikini season just around the corner I’m sure most of us are already working out how to transform our skin so that it’s radiant rather than pasty looking and I think Garnier Ultimate Blends Body Oil could be the answer to our problems.

The superstar ingredient is extra virgin olive oil and this is what’s responsible for its nourishing and softening properties. This product is suitable for very dry skin which I don’t have but I wanted something to give my skin a boost and to top up my moisture levels. I was initially a little concerned about using an oil as I didn’t want my skin to be left greasy however once it’s massaged in it soaks in completely. Apparently this is because there are also light oils included which result in the thankfully powdery finish.

The oil is dispensed via a handy pump and a couple of sprays are all it takes to cover one of your legs or arms. It’s also incredibly quick to apply. When fake tan is back on the agenda I think this is going to be an amazing way to give your legs an additional sheen.

I have to say that the fragrance is absolutely gorgeous and completely addictive; it’s quite sweet but also musky and while it makes me long to laze on a beach I’ve also loved putting it on before bed as it makes me feel really relaxed. I’ve been applying this every day since I got it and I’ve been impressed at how much softer and smoother my skin is so I’m officially a fan.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Body Oil retails at €11.99 and also just to note that it’s not suitable for your face.

*PR Sample

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