12 things (most) men don’t get about girl’s hair

  1. Rain to our hair is like Kryptonite to Superman; expect to see us weak at the knees when we’re forced to walk outside in a storm.
  2. Yes I’m washing my hair even though I’ve got a hair appointment later, if you think I’m suffering the mortification of walking in with greasy locks then you need your head examined…
  3. Every girl wants the complete opposite to what they have – if your hair is thick you dream that it was thinner and more manageable, if it’s thin then you’ll do whatever it takes to give it some body.
  4. When we get our hair cut we have serious separation anxiety regardless of if we’ve been lusting after a lob for ages. Everywhere you look you see gorgeous girls with long luscious manes.
  5. Every mirror tells a different story so when you’ve had a change of style or colour you have to check your appearance in EVERY SINGLE ONE
  6. Dry shampoo is a complete mystery – a spray for cleaning your hair? No it’s nothing like deodorant…
  7. The amount we pay to get it cut… especially when your other half can barely notice the difference.
  8. The hassle of drying your hair (especially when it’s thick). Blowdrying it in a hot apartment on your holidays? Hold on, now I need another shower.
  9. How we change the colour with the seasons. We go dark in the Winter and lighten it during the Summer, kind of like a chameleon.
  10. The house is full of bobby pins, they turn up in the sink, between the sofa cushions and get stuck in the hoover, yet when we need one they all suddenly go AWOL.
  11. The amount of hair products we need. Pre being a parent half of my baggage allowance would go on hair care and it was all essential.
  12. How changing the colour of our hair means rethinking our whole wardrobe and makeup bag – the perfect excuse for a little retail therapy!


Do you agree? Any you’d add?

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