Anyone Else…? Pt 30

…enjoy role playing with their toddler but sometimes find it a little bit embarrassing? For example when you’re in a Garda station organising your child’s passport and the little monkey calls you ‘She-Ra’ (from He-Man).

…think Adele should also add the ‘best celebrity mum’ award to her collection. Definitely someone with her priorities right and her dedication to her little ‘peanut’ at the Brits was so cute!

…in a coat conundrum every morning – full length with faux fur, bright Spring jacket or rainproof mac. Unfortunately most days I get it wrong.

…experiencing the full force of the ‘threenager’. After successfully passing the ‘terrible twos’ stage I had no idea what was coming next…

…wonder how much longer they’ll be able to decide how their toddler cuts and styles their hair. It’s one of the only decisions he still lets me make!

P.S ‘Anyone Else’ is now going monthly so back in a few weeks!

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