Recipe for the perfect Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day

Here’s a recipe that will make sure your Mother’s Day is delicious from start to finish πŸ˜‰


None – this is the one day of the year (apart from your birthday) that you don’t need to prepare for yippee!


Lie in, breakfast in bed, endless cups of tea, too many chocolates, some pretty flowers and a homemade card from the kids


Lie in for as long as possible to make sure that you are completely refreshed and totally relaxed. You’ll know you’re done when you can spring out of bed energetically.

Resist the urge to do any chores as this will leave you flat out; add a drop of wine to your glass anytime you need help ignoring the mess.

If you think the kids are getting overheated a long walk should cool everyone down.

A lovely shoulder and back massage will knead away any knots and tension.

Finally, lots of hugs and kisses throughout the day will make it extra sweet.

P.S My weekly ‘Anyone Else’ post is now going monthly (and longer) so it’ll be back in a few weeks.

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