Little Kickers review

Little Kickers

Yesterday was my 3 year old’s first session at Little Kickers!

We built up the excitement by going to choose a new pair of bright blue and orange trainers at Kildare Village on Saturday and we also read one of his favourite books ‘Noisy Football Fun’ at bedtime. I asked him if he was looking forward to Little Kickers before he went to sleep and he replied ‘Do I get a gold cup if I win?’ Maybe that story was a bad idea…

As it was Mother’s Day morning I was treated to a yummy breakfast in bed and then we quickly got ready and made our way to the venue. When we arrived we filled out a registration form, paid for our 6 sessions (€66) plus once off enrolment and uniform fee (€24) and were then given E’s smart new red and white Little Kickers football kit. He was so happy putting it on and he then went for an informal kick around with the other children. It’s great that all the sessions take place indoors as it was freezing outside.

He did his best to do the warm up correctly and then it was onto the games. They had to run to collect cones and put them on the right colour turret of the ‘castle’, dribble the ball over to the ‘ice cream parlour’ to make a football shaped ’99, and it was then time to take it in turns to score goals! After kicking the ball into the back of the net he gave us a huge smile and came running over for a congratulatory hug. It was lovely that all the children cheered for each other.

After 45 minutes of activities it was a case of ‘they think it’s all over, it is now!’ Unfortunately this was E’s cue to burst into tears as he didn’t want it to finish! A football shaped stamp on each of his hands was all it took to cheer him up and he enjoyed singing ‘bye, bye’ during the warm down.

He was delighted that he got to keep his Little Kickers kit as he initially thought we’d have to give it back and he’d now keep it on 24/7 if he could. He’s counting down the days until next week’s session already!

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  1. Ah lovely review! My son is 3 and we have been doing Little Kickers for almost 2 years now, I think we’re due to move up a level soon actually. We love it, and my son loves getting a sticker at the end of the session!

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