Shopping at Kildare Village

Kildare Village

Last Saturday was a bright, sunny morning and so we decided to head over to Kildare Village to do some shoe shopping!

Our first stop was Clarks – I’m sure most parents would agree that it’s always a good idea to get your child’s purchase done first. The plan was that once he was distracted with his new shoes I’d get a few minutes to look for something myself! A few years ago I’d have been hoping to get a few hours of retail therapy in but these days anything over half an hour is good going 😉

I previously posted about visiting Kildare Village to pick out E’s sandals last Summer, this time was different as there was no browsing whatsoever. The second we approached the children’s section his eyes lit up and he darted forward to grab a pair of bright blue and orange trainers. Obviously he didn’t pick up the right size so after a bit of coaxing we convinced him to try on a pair in 7G. He was absolutely delighted with them and after rushing over to admire them in the mirror I knew there was no point even trying on a different style.

Kildare Village

As there was a large queue at the checkout I started browsing the handbags on sale and found an absolute bargain; a Gigi brown leather satchel for €20 reduced from €70. Of course I had to make sure that E approved and when I asked him what he thought he replied ‘lovely handbag Mama!’ Decision made!

Kildare Village

As soon as we left the store he wanted to try on his shoes again and of course there was no way he was getting back in the buggy. Every shop we went in after that he wanted to race up and down and check them out in the store mirrors. As much as I’d have liked to stay for the whole day with his excitement levels at fever pitch I knew that time was of the essence.

I spotted that Timberland had a sale and immediately fell in love with some brown ankle boots (main pic) that were reduced from €150 to €45. The great thing about coming to Kildare Village early in the morning is that the shops all have plenty of stock left and fortunately they had them in my size. They were so comfy to walk in (so perfect for both shopping centres and play centres) and they even coordinated with my bag. It’s not often that I treat myself but my hubby convinced me that they could be my Mother’s Day pressie – lucky me.

It was time to leave while everyone was still smiling but we’ll definitely be back to Kildare Village soon!

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