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Revidox+ is my new product of the week!

We’re always hearing you’re only as old as you feel, however in terms of age we actually have two different ones. Our biological age is the actual ageing of our cells and our chronological age is the number of years we’ve been alive. Free radicals are our worst enemy and along with stress and an unhealthy lifestyle they combine to accelerate cellular aging.

Meet Revidox+, it’s a food supplement that strengthens the skin’s antioxidant barriers and keeps you looking ‘the fairest of them all’. So now you know Snow White’s secret!

It’s all natural ingredients include pomegranate extract for reducing spots and wrinkles, Vitamin C for healthy collagen formation and Zinc for healthy hair, skin and nails. Fascinating fact time: 45 kilos of grapes = 1 capsule of Revidox+!

I’ve been taking the capsules for the recommended 60 days it takes to notice a difference and while the results are subtle I definitely think my skin looks more radiant and feels more moisturised. Even if you don’t take these all year round I think it’s a great idea to give your skin a boost in the run up to your holidays. When you’re wearing less make up (if any) it’s even more important than normal that your skin is in great condition.

Revidox+ is fully approved by the European Food Safety Authority and 1 capsule should be taken daily. A pack of 60 capsules has an RRP of €35.

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