10 things that happen on every Easter Egg hunt

easter egg hunt

Easter is one of my favourite times of year and obviously the family Easter Egg hunt is the highlight! Who else agrees that these things always happen?

  1. Someone will have a tantrum; and it’s not necessarily the toddler.
  2. You’ll find one from last year – not a big one of course, but a teeny tiny one hidden in the rockery.
  3. It’ll rain; it could be torrential all day or just spitting for a minute but no doubt the clouds will be lingering overhead.
  4. Someone will break the rules and start eating them as they go, of course once one person starts…
  5. There will be a serious case of Easter Egg envy; everyone will have their eye on someone else’s and feel like they’ve (sorry Easter bunny) made the wrong choice
  6. They’ll be at least one egg that is melted or shattered resulting in everyone else having to hand over some of theirs.
  7. ‘Easter Bunny’ will over estimate someone’s searching ability and will end up having to give them 50 clues before they find it.
  8. An egg and spoon race will be organised but you’ll forget to boil the eggs first… hopefully no one is wearing their good shoes.
  9. There’s one person in every family that insists on taking photos of everything and they’ll get dagger looks when they snap people stuffing their faces.
  10. Everyone will eat so much chocolate that they’ll be too full for the gigantic Easter lunch and the chef will not be pleased…


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