The world’s first 3D Gummy Candy Printer!

3D Gummy Candy Printer

The world’s first 3D Gummy Candy Printer has landed at The Loop at Dublin Airport!

If you’re a sweetaholic like me then you’ll always be looking out for new tasty treats and this sounds like it belongs in one of my favourite books ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ We were flying away for Easter so I took the opportunity to give it a go!

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So, first step is to choose your shape and I chose a butterfly, next you choose a flavour and I selected strawberry, you then pick a finish and I went for glitter. Finally I typed in my name.

3D Gummy Candy Printer

I previewed what my chosen sweet would look like and it was then time to start printing! It took about 5 minutes and it was fun watching the machine get to work. Your final print goes onto white edible paper and this is then put carefully into a gift box. Tip – it’s best to keep the box horizontal to stop the printout from moving around and getting bent.

3D Gummy Candy Printer

The last thing to do was to give it a try! My toddler was fascinated by the concept and only too happy to taste one of the letters. We were both impressed with the delicious strawberry flavour and it was a novelty to have a nibble on the edible paper.

As he’s only 3 I try to give him healthy treats as often as possible, but once he gets bigger I’m sure I’ll be a bit more lenient. This would be a really unique gift for slightly older children.

You’ll find the 3D Gummy Candy Printer in the ‘Candy Cloud’ in Terminal 1 and while this was a preview until March 27th the official opening is in April. Magic Candy’s cost €10.

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