Garnier Delicate Oat Review

Garnier Delicate Oat

The Garnier Delicate Oat haircare range is my new product of the week!

Incorporating a shampoo, conditioner and heat protection milk the range is aimed at people with a sensitive scalp and fragile hair and promises to soothe and hydrate.

Although I don’t normally suffer with sensitive scalp unless I’m out in the sun for too long, my hair has been feeling really fragile lately so I was hoping that these products would soften and protect the ends. I’m probably overdue a trim to be honest but hopefully these might help me delay my appointment a bit longer!

The first thing I noticed about the Garnier Delicate Oat range was the scent which I would describe as being a mixture between marshmallows and ice cream. They are without doubt the nicest smelling hair products I’ve ever tried!

The main ingredients are Oat milk which is packed full of powerful antioxidants and provides the soothing and softening effect and Rice cream which hails from the Far East and has excellent hydrating properties.

The shampoo foams up really easily but as always I applied it twice (with a rinse in between). I noticed that my hair was already feeling soft even after cleansing whereas sometimes it can feel stripped and dry. I applied the conditioner to the lengths of my hair and used a whole handful to make sure every strand was covered, leaving it on for a couple of minutes. Whilst rinsing it out it felt like I had applied a mask rather than a normal conditioner. I always use my Tangle Teezer hairbrush when my hair’s wet and it swept easily through the ends.

My hair can be quite frizzy so I normally apply a serum before blow drying however I took a gamble and liberally sprayed the heat protection milk over the lengths. I was pleased my hair looked really sleek and still felt light. Tip – this spray can only be applied to wet hair so not if you’re just looking to re-style.


I was really impressed with the range on the whole, the only negative being that I noticed a few flakes which I wouldn’t normally suffer with. However this could be me going overboard on massaging in the shampoo. Although I couldn’t comment in relation to the sensitive scalp my hair felt really soft and healthy afterwards – and also smelt delicious!

The Garnier Delicate Oat range is available now and the shampoo and conditioner retail at €5.95 while the protection milk is €6.95.

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