Anyone Else…? Pt 31

…find it hard to explain to their child that as much as they love their superheroes they’re too young to see the film (e.g Batman v Superman) at the cinema. Thank goodness for the Lego movies that are more suitable.

…wake up planning to get their energy boost from smoothies rather than coffee, but only last until 10am.

…wondering when we can stop putting the heating on. This may be the warmest year on record but it still feels chilly to me!

…sometimes take 5 minutes to summon up the energy to get out the car when they get home. The radio’s on, your toddler’s amused with their toys – what’s the rush?

…wish that children’s magazines would spend more on the content and not include free toys. They rarely last a day without breaking.

…always get taken aback by the volume of the screaming in playcentre’s. It must come close to being at a One Direction concert!

…find that they always stick their foot through the tear in their ripped jeans when putting them on. The holes are getting bigger by the day!

…think that Frozen’s arrival to Netflix is odd timing. We’re supposed to be getting excited about building sandcastle’s not snowmen!



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