11 ways you know you’re a blogger


I’ve been blogging for just over a year now so I guess I can officially call myself a ‘blogger’. It’s my favourite hobby I’ve ever had and I had no idea that when I started it would also mean I’d make some great new friends.

Here’s a (tongue-in-cheek) look at 11 ways you know you’re a blogger…

  1. When the majority of your friends have one of two surnames; dotcom or dotie.
  2. When you’re reminded to share more often than a two year old.
  3. When all your female friends and relatives wear a full face of make-up whenever you’re around, knowing that there’s a good chance you’ll whip out your camera.
  4. When your child’s first reaction to getting something new is to remind you to take a photo.
  5. When sunny days mean you need to take a million photos.
  6. When you worry more about your appearance than ever before; apart from when you’re on Snapchat when it’s essential to look natural.
  7. When you make sure that your shoes are always squeaky clean, ready for taking #fwis pics.
  8. When you put more effort into making your home cooked meals look attractive than most chefs.
  9. When you’re on first name terms with your postman. Although he probably hates you.
  10. When the first thing you check when you go out for a meal is not the menu but the restaurant’s Twitter username.
  11. When your most important time of day is 9pm. Thank goodness for scheduling…

What would you add??

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